Divorce Financial Planning LLC

STAGE 3: The Divorce Process – Major Considerations

By this stage in the process, you should have decided on the type of divorce that you will be pursuing. All divorces are unique in terms of needs and necessary professionals.

One rule applies to all levels of complexity, however. The more emotions get mixed up in the financial or custody issues, the costlier your divorce will be. This is the time, as much as possible, to try to separate your emotions from your financial concerns. Divorce Financial Planning, LLC can help you to mitigate this common problem.

Whatever number and types of advisors you have chosen, please remember that they are only that, your advisors. It is your responsibility to make the hard decisions. You, after all, will have to live with these decisions once the judge signs the document ending your marriage.

Divorce Financial Planning, LLC’s goal is to explain as clearly as possible the short term and long-term implications of your financial asset division decisions. We particularly focus on helping the spouse that may not have been involved with the day-to-day or long term financial decision making. We will work with this goal in mind until you both feel comfortable with the analysis and your decision.

It is expensive to go back and change your mind once a divorce decree is finalized, and with transfer of assets — particularly real property — it is unlikely the agreement can be altered.