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Signs of Concerns About Your Spouse/Marriage

If you type in the phrase “Signs of concerns about your marriage” on Google, you will see more than 43 million responses.

The concern is more widespread than you may have first thought, which is good and bad.  What you should be interested in, however, is the difference in your relationship between a benign concern and a more serious one. The starting point is to first ask yourself if something seems different in your spouse’s behavior patterns versus his or her actions in the recent past. There may be plenty of innocent reasons for the changes, but you are probably reading this website because you are concerned.

Below are a very few,  but representative examples of types of changes of behavior that need to be observed more closely:

  1. Your spouse is starting to take better care of him or herself – without your prodding: dieting and actually losing weight — perhaps joining a gym after having been a couch potato for years.
  2. There is a lack of attention toward you, both physical and emotional.
  3. Your spouse is suddenly working longer hours at the same job, or there seem to be more frequent business trips.
  4. Your spouse is spending more time on the Internet, perhaps shutting off the computer when you enter the room or no longer sharing a password.
  5. Your spouse has a new-found interest in having a lot of cash on-hand rather than charging purchases on a credit card. Or the opposite: there are unexplained expenses on a shared credit card, or your spouse has taken out a credit card under his or her name only.

This is not a time for panic or rash moves but it may be the time to at least think about reviewing or evaluating your personal finances. Divorce Financial Planning, LLC can help you at this phase, confidentially.

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